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MPI Electric Residential Electricians Lethbridge

It is no surprise that residential electricians are in high demand in Lethbridge. With large developments of new homes combined with common issues in older homes, MPI Electric is proud to be able to help Lethbridge residents with their electrical issues. New constructions require entire home wiring, whereas smaller constructions may require complete wiring of home additions or renovations. Outdoor electrical safety is of highest importance due to the potential risk to individuals combined with the effects of weather on electrical equipment. No matter what electrical service is required, our expert electricians can complete the job safely and professionally.

New Home Wiring

New home electrical wiring has developed over the years. Modern ‘Smart Housing’ have changed how MPI Electric electrical contractors wire new homes in Lethbridge. Updates in the 2018 24th Edition of the Canadian Electrical Code, have shown how smart homes are influencing code. Examples of this are power over ethernet cables applied to functions such as room lighting, electric vehicle power management systems and criteria for LED lighting.

Residential Electrician wiring in an unfinished house

wiring in a new home by MPI Electric

Also, wire-free switches has been approved by the Alberta government for residential constructions. This saves construction time, wiring materials, improves safety and has a positive environmental effect.

Modernisation comes with new methods and techniques. MPI Electric electrical contractors employ only certified electricans. We can cater for new home wiring whether it’s smart homes or traditional homes. Contact us with any questions about electrical services for new home constructions.Home Lighting
MPI Electric are your first choice for home lighting. We can install indoor lighting, security lighting, outdoor lighting and landscape lighting. Each lighting installation has its own unique issue.

Indoor LED Lighting

Consider indoor lighting. Many people ask can I just upgrade my indoor lighting fixtures to LED? Surprisingly, this is not such a trivial question. As an example, recessed ceiling lighting has traditionally used halogen spot light bulbs. Some of these bulbs require a transformer to drive them as they are a low-voltage variation. These may not be compatiblewith some LED bulbs unless the transformer is replaced with an LED driver.

LED lighting installation lethbridge

LED Lighting Installation by MPI Electric

Why replace bulbs with LEDs?

Besides the environmental impact, the simple answer is to save yourself money. A report suggested that the most efficient LED lightbulbs use at least 75% less energy and last 25 times as long. Although the initial cost of the bulb is higher, the long term savings are substantially larger. In addition, the convenience of not needing to replace blown bulbs as often is appealing to those with light fixtures on high ceilings.

types of LED Bulbs

Various LED Bulbs

Is LED lighting compatible with dimmer switches?

Yes but usually only with dimmer switches designed to work with LED lighting. The wattage is much lower for an LED whereas traditional dimmer switches are designed to handle a much higher wattage. Some LED bulbs are designed with circuitry to compensate for this wattage difference and can be used in traditional dimmer switches.
If you are unsure about upgrading your lighting to LEDs to save yourself money, contact us and we can ensure the job is done perfectly.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is used as a deterrent to trespassers by illuminating their location. Illumination can optionally be controlled by built-in motion sensors. The activation of light on the trespasser can sometimes be enough to scare them away. Non-motion sensor lights can be installed which have low power consumption and can continuously illuminate an area. These may be installed with digital or analog timers to control their on and off periods of the day.

security lighting lethbridge

Lights incorporating motion sensors can be temperamental with variations in detection properties. Sometimes they are hypersensitive with frequent false triggering. Other times they are hyposensitive and do not trigger when they should. Installation of both motion sensor flood lights and non-motion sensor lighting in Lethbridge is easy with MPI Electric. Our Residential Electricians can recommend a suitable light for your purpose and install it optimally & safely for the outdoor environment. Additionally, we can find the optimal setting for the motion sensor so it works exactly how you want it to. Call us for a free quote for installing outdoor security lights.

motion sensor security light

Motion Sensor Security Light

Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting can often be more complicated that people think. Upgrades to current landscape lighting can mean significant changes to both the transformer and the wiring. The wiring upgrade will be dictated by the distance the cable will cover and the size of the transformer. This will mean you may need to upgrade your underground wiring to a lower gauge if you are extending the lighting distance or upgrading the transformer to handle more lights.

Outdoor lighting installation lethbridge

Landscape Lighting

MPI Electric are experienced in landscape lighting installation. Our certified electricians can choose the correct components to ensure your landscape light system is installed safely and reliably.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

New Lethbridge homes with the most modern vehicles are now a consideration when wiring a garage. For fast charging points for electric vehicles, electrical charging stations should be installed by a qualified electrician.

Electric Vehicle home charging station lethbridge

Home Vehicle Charging Station

As many run on 240V and 30A, the risk of a hazard is high unless the correct cable, fuses and connectors are used. We can install you electric vehicle charging station in your home so you never have to worry about home safety or a low battery!

Basement Wiring

With so many newly constructed homes in Lethbridge, MPI Electric wire many basements for our customers. As basements typically have high narrow windows, lighting can be an issue. MPI Electric can wire your basement with any amount of outlets or light fixtures needed. Create your home’s hidden gem by adding comfort and lighting to your home’s basement.

Installed wiring in unfinished basement

Basement Electrical wiring by MPI Electric

Is your basement becoming an entertainment room or man cave? We can install wiring for your entertainment systems whether thats speakers built into the walls or a projector cable passage hidden behind the sheetrock. No matter what or where your basement needs power, we can get it there. Call us and tell us your plans and see how we can make it happen nad we may be able to save you money. Remember we give free quotes.

Garage Wiring

From simple garage door openers to high current electrical tools, garage wiring can be simple or complicated. Running heaters or high current tools requires an added level of safety in a garage to ensure electrical compliance and proper functioning of the equipment. An insufficient power source or power cable can damage equipment over time and be an electrical fire hazard.

Wiring in an unfinished Garage

Garage Wiring by MPI Electric

To have your garage wired by MPI Electric and we can discuss your electrical needs in your garage. We can determine the correct electrical compliance for the equipment you need to ensure home electrical safety and correct operation of the equipment.

Hot Tub Wiring & Pool Wiring

Hot tubs are popular in Lethbridge and southern Alberta. Wiring a hot tub is something many people don’t consider when making their purchase. As hot tubs and pools are high power units, it is esssential that they are connected by an electrician. Considering we are dealing with electricity and water, electrical safety with tubs and pools has to be a primary concern. Did you know the power to your hot tub needs to be fed through a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) breaker? Also, there are occasions when the manufacturer’s guidelines are not sufficent for correct connection. As there are many variables the manufacturer doesn’t account for. The type of cable used will depend on the distance to the panel in addition to the specs of the pump and heater. All of these factors are critical for safety and when permit inspections by safety authorities are required.

If you are considering a hot tub in Lethbridge or the surrounding areas, you can contact MPI Electric to discuss hot tub wiring. We may be able to save you money on your installation.

Breaker Panels & Breakers

Breaker panels may require replacement due to multiple factors. Some typical reasons include frequent breaker tripping, rust, outdated/unsafe, and no breakers left for system expansion.

Although a panel may need replaced for these reasons, the issues mentioned could also be due to other factors. For example, frequent tripping could also be occurring due to its intended purpose, that being safety for the user. It could also be an issue with the breaker.

Breaker Panel installation

Breaker Panel

As breaker too wear out over time, using certified electricians to diagnose the issue is the best method to determine if you need a new breaker panel or simply a breaker.

If you think you need a replacement breaker panel or replacement breaker in your home, contact MPI Electric for diagnosis and/or repair.

Knob & Tube Removal Lethbridge

Knob and Tube wiring was the first method of wiring a home. It used porcelain knob to connect cloth-covered wires through structural components such as joists. Holes are drilled in the structural component and the wires are threaded through in order to prevent the wires contacting the wood/structural material. See these images as examples:

Knob and tube removal

Knob & Tube Electrical System

Knob and tube removal lethbridge

Knob and Tube Through Structural Components

Many old homes in Lethbridge and area still have the knob and tube wiring system. Not surprisingly, this system is not safe compared to modern systems. In some cases, clients may wish to keep the system in order to preserve originality. This can have issues regarding insurance companies and safety inspections. To obtain insurance, many knob and tube system residences require an electrical inspection. In many cases however, these systems are removed and updated to modern safer systems.

No matter which option you choose, MPI Electric can complete the job for you. Whether you need a system replacement or an inspection, contact us for a free quote.

Other Residential Electrical Services Provided

  • Installing Attics and Ceiling Fans
  • Generator installation
  • Ground fault interrupt circuits
  • Code and code violation home inspections
  • Installation of 120/220V circuits
  • New electrical outlets
  • Appliance and dryer circuits