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Residential & Commercial Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical troubleshooting in a home or business should always be done by a qualified electrician. Faulty devices, old or poorly installed wiring can be considered more dangerous than troubleshooting modern wiring. In particular, old wiring may not have a modern level of safety features built into the housing circuit. Correctly resolving electrical issues in your home or business will save you money and ensure your business orĀ home’s electrical safety. This is a critical issue in regards to fire and resident safety. Remember we can also install and test fire alarm systems.

electrical circuit troubleshootingIf you experience any of the following common electrical issues, you may want to consult MPI Electric Lethbridge about our electrical troubleshooting service. These electrical characteristics are classic signs of building electrical issues and should be investigated immediately:

  • Frequent circuit breaker tripping (tipically caused by high wattage devices being used simultaneously on the same circuit)
  • Light bulbs frequently burning out prematurely
  • Lighting that randomly goes off and on again
  • Your Electrical panel is making a buzzing sound, is warm or smells like burning
  • Electrical Shocks from an appliance or switch
  • Lighting that is too bright/dim or alternating
  • Light switches not working or working sporadically
  • Electrical surges

electrician troubleshooting electrical system in lethbridgeMPI Electric would be happy to discuss these or any other electrical issues you are having. Our experienced electricians are available to determine the cause of the problem and solve it. Don’t hesitate to contact us.