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Taber Electrical Service

MPI Electric serves Lethbridge and surrounding areas. We frequently have clients in Taber who require electrical services and we consider ourselves your local electricians. Our electrician rates are very competitive and we are happy to discuss your requirements over the phone for free.

Electrical Contractors Taber

All our employees are qualified & certified journeymen electricians with years of experience so you can be confident our work is of premium quality. See our services available for industrial and residential buildings. Contact us online or call (403) 328-0220 for more information, we are always happy to help.

Electrician in Taber

The Town of Taber has a population of 8,380 according to the census of 2015, however, the large trading area surrounding Taber encompasses approximately 24,000 people making Taber a large center for businesses and recreation. In additional, there is a substantial amount of housing to accomodate the population. This leavs a large demand on electrician services for old and new homes plus all the commercial and industrial buildings.

Electrician in Taber

Historic Taber


Another historic town in Alberta based in the train based transport and coal mining industry. A large family community with a vast range of recreational facilites and events such as cornfest, Taber Pheasant Festival and Canada Day celebrations.

MPI Electric appreiates all its past customers from Taber and look forward to supplying the residents with quality electrical services in the future.